Ladies of plume

The duo behind Plume.


Maggie Solveson

Proprietress, Photographer, Fine Artist, Vintage Collector, Stylist, World Traveler, Great Friend, Mind Reader, Cat Lover, Personal Shopper

Hi, I’m Maggie Solveson.  I am the owner and founder of the Milwaukee based vintage clothing brand BrownCowVintage.  I have attracted a substantial following through years of in-person selling at vintage markets and street festivals.  I have participated in countless fashion shows, styled photo shoots, and also started to do some personal shopping.  I am exceptionally dedicated to both my craft and my customers.  The only thing I enjoy more than vintage hunting is sharing my finds with the outstanding group of women I have met during my time in business.

I have been shopping for vintage since I could drive, selling since college, and effectively filling up each room of my home since I started living alone.  I traded a roommate for an overflowing room sized closet where I can only see the floor half the time.  The logical next step for me was opening a store.  Fortunately, I knew another incredible vintage babe who values the quality, originality, and history of vintage as much as myself.  With our keen eye for fashion and refined taste, we plan to create a space that is beautiful and inviting and features the utmost in modern, wearable vintage.  We will be expanding our collections to include menswear, house wares, and intimates.  We have also been fortunate enough to obtain collections from other Milwaukee vintage masters including Ella Dwyer of Thief Island Vintage, Rachel Muza of Blue Jean Baby Vtg, and Claire Muza of Palace Vintage.

Milwaukee is brimming with creative, forward thinking individuals. The ladies of Plume would be honored to help you make the fashion statement that expresses your unique point of view.

Sheila Teruty

Proprietress, Curator, Buyer, Stylist, Photographer, Event Planner, Marketing, Content Creator, Yogi

Driven by creativity and self-expression, Sheila Teruty is a dreamer, a planner and a doer. She has had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age when she started creating, trading and selling accessories and clothing online and became a cyber gypsy. From there, she started selling on eBay and Etsy and began photographing and styling for her Etsy shop, “So Passé”, an online boutique selling rare and unique indie style and vintage wares.

Some of her experience is also in event planning vintage themed events and fashion shows as well as professional wardrobe styling and photography. She founded and produced Femme Adorn which is a successful vintage fashion show series in Milwaukee.

She was also part owner of Cocoon Room, a vintage boutique/art gallery/event space in Riverwest. Though Cocoon Room was short lived, she learned a lot about what she did and didn’t want in a vintage boutique and discovered her fashion forward- business-minded strengths.  Four years later she is bringing that energy and experience to Plume.

In her free time, Sheila loves practicing yoga and Thai massage, teaching herself modular synthesis and planning/buying for the shop.